Guaraná - Future Talents

The Brazilian soda "GuaranĂ¡ Antartica" is the sponsor of the Brazilian Soccer Team, based on that, they invest in the future talents of our country.

In 2013 for each bottle of GuaranĂ¡ sold they invested part of the profit in Soccer Fields around Brazil for teenagers developed their skills in soccer.

Vetor Zero did the entire live action production and my role in this spot was as a Nuke Compositor working directly with the Render TD, we tried to bring realism in the transformation of the old field into a new one.

movie: Future Talents
client: GuaranĂ¡ Antartica
director: Nando Cohen
production House: Vetor Zero

CG Supervisor: Fabio Shigemura & Tiago Dias
Lightning/Render: Tiago Dias & Igor Colaiacovo
Compositing: Tiago Dias, Bruno Ferrari