Reclame - ID 2014

In 2010, Lobo conceived the rebrand of the visual identity of Reclame , program facing the universe of advertising. Four years later, the challenge was to accompany the evolution of brand beyond this universe, developing content in diverse platforms - this leap was translated into a visual approach that summarizes various concepts in a keyword, the information, and their relations to search, understanding, storage, connections in abstract interpretations, almost as art installations in movement.

Movie: New ID
Client: Reclame Content
Production House:
Sound: Paulo Beto [Anvil FX]
Director: Fabio "Ximba" Acorsi
Director Assistant / Storyboard: Paulo Pássaro
Producer: Aron Aguiar
Art Director: Bruna Imai
3D Artist: Fernando Magalhães
Lead Compositor: Bruno Ferrari
Assistant Compositor/Animator: Christian Cunha